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    Interesting Secrets About The Gym

    Today we will be looking at different gyms and how the people at the back of all the machines, the trainers and staff deal with in their normal routines.  Gyms and people who work for them really have a impossible and tough job, they have to first get you through the door and have to convince you that you have should join our gym by being an excellent salesperson highlighting the important features highlighting each point according to the demand and need of that client. Then they have to make you comfortable with the uncomfortable situation of exercising and working out, yet somehow they manage to do it quite well. 

    However, take it from me who himself has had his share of issues with weight loss, has gone though fat shaming and bullied and still somehow fights to lose and shed a few pounds wants to say that there is really an identity crisis related to big box gyms, as more than 40 percent according to a research in the America states that gym members dump their full service membership every year leaving the chain gyms as we call them shaking in their boots.

    Let’s check out some of the myths and secrets that related to the gym staff. First of all they count on you to not show up and if you are not going to the gym you are the gyms best customer as many big clubs and fitness centers and even some gym for sale, recruit many members as much as possible and this becomes more than they can finally accommodate so they bank on you to slack stay lazy, get demotivated and not even show up to the gym.  According to a study Planet Fitness has around about 6500 members and so that is only the figure per gym and can hold only a weak figure of 300 people at a time which is quite remarkable and at the same time quite unbelievable.  The second secret is that that they try to put the cardio equipment at a spot which can be seen clearly by the visitors or the person coming to make a decision whether he or she will join that gym per se.

    gyms for sale, wesellgyms

    They do this so that they can attract people, who want to easier and less frequent workouts and fitness goals rather than those who have a serious fitness goal and short term objectives in mind. One way to do this is by hiding the equipment to intimidating potential new customers as well.  Cardio machines are usually all the equipment which is shown, the most attractive and eye catching one being the Elliptical, which is the most popular because it’s the easiest to use as some expert fitness trainers say,  and one can easily slack on it. Now I am not saying that it doesn’t have an impact on the body, it sure has an impact as they do burn calories and will also make you feel better however that’s about it not that effective when it comes to get your heart pumping and so one can easily slack on it and that’s what exactly gyms and fitness centers need and want a slacker.


    They pack in a lot of equipment to show the gym members and new birds that many large franchises operations get a cut of whatever equipment their franchises buy so the thing is that the more equipment a gym is required to have the more money the parent company pr the main business corporation that runs the set of gyms and fitness centers the more it then invest into the era of gyms. You must have seen that a lot of gyms have this onetime fee that comes with a new membership some call it the registration fee and this fee may get cancelled if you haven’t joined the gym for a mere 3 months and then you have to renew it again and again.

    Former gym workers tell us that this money goes into the pockets of the owner plus these fees exist mainly as a way of running promotions, if a gym wants to get a bunch of new members, it may use the rule of scarcity and drop the fees for a short time basic economics one would say and so the fee for a short amount of time to make new members and to get a heard of sheep excited as I would say.  Group exercise retains members as it motivates people, like Yoga, spin classes and kickboxing. Other secrets include that your trainer might not be certified, the gym equipment, rugs and yoga mats might not be cleaned properly, trainers know a lot more than they should about their clients and everyone wants better abs which is the norm today. We hope this helped you in some way, now go and work out even while knowing a little bit more about where you exercise.