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    Fitness Terms for Gym

    We sell gyms offers info-graphical representation of Fitness Terms for Gym. Let’s go through some generic terminologies of fitness.

    Repetitions are specific weighted movements which exercisers do for a particular muscle. Usually, 6-15 repetitions make a set in whole.

    HIIT and LISS are termed as High-intensity interval training and Low-intensity steady state. HIIT includes greatest efforts with a rest in the middle while LISS continues without any rest.

    Plyometric is a typical sportsmen training to enable them to run faster.

    Supersets include working out on different weights consistently without resting in-between switching of weights.

    Four or more exercises that are done without rest is a Giant set

    Dropping the current weight and a doing same number of reps again without rest is a Drop Set.

    Extended muscles are said to be in negatives. The inclusion of more than one muscle in an exercise is a compound exercise.

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