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    Stay On Track – How To Keep Walking During Winter

    Don’t let chilly temperatures turn you into a couch potato…keep walking! Use these tips to help keep you moving and comfortable even when temperatures drop.

    Get the exact gear before you head outside, head to a specialty shop to acquire warm outfit. Ideally, you will want to dress in layers so you can adjust what you have on as your body temperature rises with exertion. Layers benefit you escape huge clothing that can be uneasy, too. Choose vests, pants, jackets, and shirts that are rain and wind resistant. The layers closest to your body should be made of moisture wicking material.

    Think safety shorter days mean you are more likely to exercise at dusk or after dark. Pick light-colored clothing and add mirror ribbons to raise your reflectivity to others. You may also need to take a flash.

    Protect your skin:

    Windy, cold conditions can be especially damaging to skin and appendages. Protect your nose, cheeks, fingers, and toes from the elements. Don’t forget the sunscreen; you need it even in winter.

    Protect your ski WeSellGyms

    Watch your step, Cold weather often means icy and slippery conditions. Wear slip resistant shoes and tread lightly over bridges or other areas that are susceptible to black ice.

    Monitor the weather in many parts of the country temperatures can vary widely within a 7-day period. Plan your walks to coincide with warmer, dryer weather days. During especially bleak weeks, bring your workout indoors. Alternatively, you can shorten your walk and add more days. So rather than one 45 minute walk two times per week, you can pick for a 30-minute walk twice weekly to bound your coverage to the cold.

    Share your route, if you choose to leave your phone behind, be sure someone knows where you are going and when you are expected to return. Use well-traveled and well-lit tracks so you are less susceptible to stranger hazard.

    Check your attitude, your attitude shapes your experience so be sure yours is funny when you think about winter walking. Tell yourself winter walking is an awful task and it is guaranteed to feel like one. Emphasis instead on the fresh, crisp air and exclusive winter scenery. Remind yourself of the benefits, and give yourself a pat on the back for getting out there. When you have the right mindset, getting out the door is easier, even in cold weather.

    Winter walking can be fun when you prepare and anticipate. Be sure to dress warmly and know what you can expect from the weather. Be willing to adapt as needed, and you are sure to stay on the fitness path. Walking is a way of easy exercise which can be adopted by anyone and at any stage of life which keeps the body fit and sound.

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