• We Well Gyms Head To A Happy Hour Survival Guide

    Head To A Happy Hour Survival Guide

    Ah, the content hour. If your job is stressful and whose is not from time to time happy hour know how to be the one thing you look forward to all day. Other than, take it easy. Otherwise, you are likely to set yourself back with pounds gained. Are manifold margaritas actually worth all that hard work you put in at the gym last week? Here is your happy hour survival guide so that you can have the cocktails without the guilt.

    Avoid the Flavored Drinks:

    If you are a fan of flavored drinks, that strength is where you actually get into trouble (and sacrifice all of your hard work at the gym!) Drinks that hold sugar-rimmed glasses, flavored margaritas like mango margaritas, etc. or shots that cover caramel drizzle and whipped cream are calorie hazards.

    Along with a buzz, you might be acutely adding to your waistline up to an extra 1,000 calories worth! Mojitos and sangrias are delicious, but all contain added sugar which is a great deal more than you need for a couple of drinks with your buddies. In its place of already flavored drinks, stick to a flavored vodka (raspberry vodka has only about 95 calories per 1.5 ounces, or rum, which also has 95 calories.)

    Be Wary of Cheap Drink Specials:

    Cheap drink specials are tempting to order, particularly since you think you are getting a steal, and with the aptitude to drink twice as much for the price of one. On the other hand, happy hour specials are meant to be enticing, so that you will order ‘filler drinks’ – those drinks that are chocked full of sugar and carbs.

    Unluckily, they are loaded with everything you do not want if staying on track with your fitness and weight loss goals is important to you. Skip the vodka cocktails and cranberry (8oz of cranberry fluid has 30 grams of sugar!). Instead, stick to your favorite 1.5 ounce of liquor which contains just 100 calories per serving. What’s your poison—rum, tequila, vodka, or whiskey? Add a twist of lime to it, and on the rocks.

    The Truth about Wine and Beer:

    Even as you may be a red wine or dark beer connoisseur, go easy. The truth about these types of drinks is that they do not just contain calories that you need to monitor—but carbs. As a law of thumb, 5oz of wine hold 4 grams of carbs or more and 120 calories. Beer depends (whether you’re drinking a darker beer which contains about 130 calories and 20 grams of carbs, whereas a light beer contains 110 calories and 7 grams of carbs.)

    The next time you head to happy hour, do your best to plan ahead. Eat a small, healthy snack before you get to the restaurant so you do not give in to the fried mushrooms or chicken quesadillas. If you do glue to ordering food, opt for a higher nutrient punch, such as a veggie and hummus spread. Stick to liquor based drinks instead of fruity, discounted beverages and you will save calories, save on your budget. And also join by going onto We Sell Gyms and find fitness centers to make your waistline ideal.