3 Simple Tips for Increasing Your Gym Memberships

  • 12 May
    3 Simple Tips for Increasing Your Gym Memberships
    Are you a gym manager or owner looking to increase your gym memberships? Well, there are a lot of gym marketing ideas which you can use for selling your gym memberships like hot cakes. Given below are three simple but effective tips which you can use for your gym membership marketing.

    Tip#1 Use the “FitnessTexter” for increasing Leads

    FitnessTexter is a text code which gyms can put on their facebook page, website, Instagram profile, email signatures and the business cards. It helps in giving people an easy access to the promotional deal from your gym. This is also how your gym can get a lot of sale leads.
    It only costs $75/month and produces just about 4-10 new paying members every month. You also have the option to pay for an entire year to get a fantastic discount.

    Tip#2 Turn Your Gym into a Classroom!

    A lot of gym members want to learn new work out techniques through classes. Most of the gyms with low membership retention rates don’t offer a unique class, which is why; if you are also among such gym managers/owners, then introduce unique classes just now to improve your gym business.
    This way, you would provide more options to your clients and would also increase the chances of increasing your membership sales. Zumba, Yoga or Pilates classes are a few ideas that you can start from.

    Tip#3 Hire Trainers to Take Care of Customers

    Another way to increase the gym membership is to hire those trainers who actually give customers the attention that they want. No one wants to be a member of a gym, whose trainers don’t pay much attention to its customers.

    Even if your physical trainers are customer oriented but don’t pay the required attention, you would start losing your gym members. On the other hand, quality trainers make the entire work out a really enjoyable process.
    When hiring any trainer, make sure he is:

    1.    Capable of carrying out the stretching, lifting and recovery methods
    2.    Understand the value of hard lifting
    3.    Soft in nature, as angry trainers only pull away customers

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